New hotel deals this month

Starting with the just-announced, these hotel deals from expire at the end of January 2012:

New: New Orleans hotels from $99/night

New: Orlando hotels from $63/night

New: Denver hotels from $55/night

New: San Francisco hotels starting at $55/night

New: Miami hotels starting at $65/night

New: Barcelona hotels starting at $59/night

Ongoing: Save up to 30% on New York hotels. Expires 1/16/12 (Tip: rooms at Park Central New York Hotel on 7th Ave.between 55th & 56th St. start at $117/night)

New Year, New Deals - Save up to 30% at! Expires 1/30/12

Free seats on MegaBus

MegaBus is giving away 20,000 free seats for travel in January and February. Here’s the deets:

WHERE: MegaBus travels from Baltimore to New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Hampton, Harrisburg, Richmond, Secaucus, and Toronto

WHEN: Valid for travel between January 4 and March 1, 2012

DEAL: When you book your seats on MegaBus, use the promo code GOFREE