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Save on Cities also hosts a network of local sites focusing on deals and events in cities along the northeast corridor, those major metro areas you pass along I-95 from Washington D.C. to Boston. This is Amtrak’s most popular route, connected by many commuter flights and bus lines. These cities are all within a day’s drive (or bus or train or plane ride) from each other. Now you can easily find out when something’s happening that’s worth a weekend trip!

Like most of us, however, your primary interest is taking advantage of the city you live in or near – or the one you’re traveling to. Bookmark or subscribe to the RSS feed of your home base so you can get quick access to the best deals on dining, family fun, festivals, tickets, and weekend getaways in your neck of the urban/suburban woods. When you know you’ll be traveling to one of the other cities, you can check them out too. They’re all just a click away:

We don’t sell tickets, we just find the deals and make it easy for you to score them. Save on Cities is a one-stop shop for free passes to shopping events, festivals and theatre, discount tickets for sports, movies, cultural events, and travel bargains.

Some deals are offered by affiliate partners who thank us with a small commission for sending folks their way. But you’ll always find the hottest deals in town. You’ll be surprised how much fun is going on right under your nose – and how little it’s going to cost you. Stick around and save on!

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